S E R G I O   D.   R O B L E T O
Sergio D. Robleto
b.1980, East Los Angeles, CA
location: Downey, CA

email: sedo33@gmail.com

Sergio is an art instructor and prolific artist living and working in the Los Angeles area.  Over the past 10 years his work has evolved into a truly unique style.  His recent works are composed through the merging of organic elements in order to form new creations that in detail recall the assiduous studies of the masters, each celebrating the vigorously evolving innovation found in nature and the human body. With figures that have never been seen the result is a body that cannot be defined. 

The dominating factor in this work is the process of its creation. Each is a display of the mind spontaneously selecting what it desires from known forms in nature to make a new body of knowledge without concern for its functionality or logic.  He regards his process as “asserted freeform.”  Ambiguously placed in space each proclaims their exotic and independent existence.