S E R G I O   D.   R O B L E T O
More recent pieces with a new style 4/13

Recently painted the bathroom at Stay Gallery in Downey. Still a work in progress but here's the latest. 10/12

Back in February of 2012 I did a job in collaboration with artists Galo "Make" Canote, Vyal, and Christina Angelina for Neiman Marcus.  They were hosting an event where Christian louboutin would be there in person at their location in Beverly Hills to sign any shoes purchased in the store that day.  I assisted with the creation of the two windows seen.  Details regarding what I had my hand in will be below each picture. 2/12

I completed this painting in honor of Christian Louboutin which is now part of the Neiman Marcus private art collection.  Special thanks goes to Rebecca Silva for modeling and allowing me to use her beautiful profile for this piece.  This is a detail shot of the portrait I did of Christian louboutin's face.I assisted with the creation of the background on this one.  Galo "Make" Canote was the main director for the vision of this window.  He also did a large majority of the red writing in the background.    My painting is seen displayed in the middle.Closer detail shot of the window facing wilshire blvd. in Beverly Hills.   My painting is shown in the middle.Detail of spray paint can dress.  I just helped smash the cans ;)This is a view of the second window I did in collaboration with Angelina Christina.  I did the large portrait with scarf, the large louboutin logo, and writing on the left.  Shoes were by Christina Angelina.This window was done by the artist Vyal